We Come To You

Serving as a missionary in another country or another culture, is a huge leap of faith. We know you feel called to the people and the place you’re in, or you wouldn’t be there. But we also know that it’s not easy being on the mission field. That’s why we come alongside missionaries, to pour into you as you pour into others.

We Come To You
We Come To You

When you’re 7,000 miles from home, it’s nice to have someone come and sit with you face to face.

A DEEPEN MINISTRIES team member will travel to your location to be with you and your team in your mission context.

We come to you because physical presence matters.  We’re there to listen, serve, pray—to minister to you the way you minister to others.

We Don't Leave You Hanging When We Leave
We Don't Leave You Hanging When We Leave

Once we come to you, we’re in relationship now.  That means we stay in touch by text, by phone, and by video… until we can come see you again.

It’s not as good as being together in person, but phone and video calls keep us connected for the long haul and help us pick up right where we left off once we’re back together.

We Don't Take a Cookie-Cutter Approach

Each mission field, each team, each missionary is unique. We'll tailor our approach to you and your context, making sure that we come alongside you in a way that actually helps.

And if you know you and your team need support, but you're not sure exactly what you need, we can help with that too.

Let’s Start A Conversation!

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